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Tuesday 21 Jan, 2020
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Thomas the Tank Engine

Price: £52.80 Including VAT at 20%

Thomas the Tank Engine switch adapted toy

My first remote control Thomas is an ideal switch adapted toy for young children. It is very simple for the child to control. All that's required are two switches connected to the adapted controller.

Pressing one switch or button will make Thomas chug along in a straight line. Pressing the second switch, or button, makes him reverse in a circle - just let go when he's pointing in the right direction and drive him away again.

This is an excellent toy for young children learning switch skills. Thomas chugs along when the switch is pressed but stops when not. When he's stopped he'll encourage the child to make him go again by "tooting and whistling". This toy will reward the child with multi-sensory feedback during play.

Thomas the Tank Engine is supplied with Thomas the engine, the adapted controller and batteries. Sorry, switches are not included but can be purchased separately.