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Saturday 18 Jan, 2020
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Simplyworks Energise

Price: £178.80 Including VAT at 20%

Simplyworks Energise allows switch users to control two mains powered (230 volts) appliances such as lights, fans, kettles, blenders, bubble tubes, lighting up to a combined 1.8 kW.

Safety features completely isolate the user from the mains power.

Two switch types can be connected:

  • Wired switches with standard 3.5 mm plugs e.g. Smoothie switches
  • Wireless switches that use the Simplyworks wireless technology.

Energise can be set to six different switch modes including:

Direct: the appliance operates whilst the switch is held down

Latched: the appliance operates continuously until the switch is pressed again

Timed: the appliance operates for a timed period from 4 seconds up to 40 minutes

Co-Op: requires two switches that must be press together to operate the appliance

On/Off: requires two switches; one turns the appliance on and the second switches it off

On-board memory retains the setting after power-off.