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Saturday 18 Jan, 2020
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iClick Mains Controller

Price: £238.80 Including VAT at 20%

iClick mains controller gives iPad and switch users control of one or two electrical appliances using:

  • an iPad running the iClick app (freely available from the Apple App Store)
  • wired switches such as the Smoothie switches
  • wireless switches that use the SimplyWorks wireless technology

iClick allows the user to control mains voltage equipment in safety; the user is completely isolated from mains power.

Typical uses in a kitchen could include:

  • turning on an electric kettle to make a drink
  • using a blender
  • switching lights on
  • switching on a ventilator fan

Or, use it as the controller for sensory room equipment: bubble tubes, lights etc.

Read the detailed blog post on the iClick Mains Controller.