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Tuesday 21 Jan, 2020
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Dr Zigs Sensory Play Bubble Kit

Price: £49.99 Including VAT at 20%

This Sensory Play Bubble Kit was designed for children on the autism spectrum and others who value the multi-sensory stimulation from bubble play.

Want to know how to make sensory bubbles? Here’s how:

  • First connected the rope to the wands and hold one in each hand.
  • Then dip the rope into the bubble mixture and let it get thoroughly soaked.
  • Lift the rope out of the mixture and let the excess drips fall off.
  • Raise the wands high to let the breeze blow through the rope to create lots of giant bubbles.
  • Use the single loop rope to make one jumbo sensory bubble or the rope with the multiple loops to make lots of giant bubbles all at the same time.
  • Use the hand wands to blow and catch bubbles.
  • Dip the foamer into the mixture and blow through it to make masses of foam.

The kit contains:

  • Two giant wands – 40 cm / 16 inches long
  • Rope for producing jumbo bubbles
  • Rope for producing giant bubbles
  • Rope for producing large bubbles
  • Two hand wands
  • Foamer
  • 3 x 100 ml of 5X concentrate scented and coloured bubble mixture (red – red fruits, blue – fresh mountain air and yellow – vibrant citrus)
  • Sensory booklet

Suitable for children aged 3 to adult