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Wednesday 22 Jan, 2020
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Anti-Tremor Switch Filter

Price: £93.60 Including VAT at 20%

The Anti-Tremor switch is designed to assist users overcome specific problems such as body tremors, tapping and unintended switching when using switches for activating toys, accessing computers, controlling appliances etc.

It works by introducing a ‘delay’ after the first switch press before a follow-up press or multiple presses can pass through the filter.

The Anti-Tremor switch has three delays (2, 6 and 10 delays) options to suit the users’ condition.

The kit contains:

  • Anti-Tremor switch unit
  • Connecting lead with 2 x 3.5mm jack plugs
  • Battery – 9 volt PP3

Download the 'set-up and operations' description for all the Special Switch Aids produced by Excitim.