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Monday 21 Oct, 2019

User Testimonials - read what parents are saying about Excitim's special needs toys 

Adam - Switch Accessible Camera

Hi Mike,

Just to let you know the camera has arrived, all set up and ready to go. My son will absolutely love this!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and you have been most helpful. 

Thank you for arranging the VAT refund so promptly and also for the discount code.


Adam Punch

Jake – Johnny Tractor and Minion Bob switch adapted toys

I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed we are with our recent purchases of a switch adapted tractor and minion Bob. Our son, Jake has loved having toys he can really play with by himself. Thank you so much for your excellent service and products. We will certainly be using you again and spreading the word about you.

Here's a link to a little video of Jake (and the tractor!) in action.

Thanks again and a very happy new year to all,

Kate Mellor and family

Simon – gaiter covers for Pretorian’s N-Abler Pro joystick

Just emailing to say a big thank you to you for making those gaiters covers for me they're great!  I have been crying out for something like this to protect the rubber on all my recent joysticks controllers!  I have gone through several rubbers which have torn. I'm hoping this type of joystick controllers will be stronger.”

I just wanted to explain to you that due to my cerebral palsy I am a bit heavy handed and some days is worse than the other however, these joystick controllers has been a real god send to me over the years and I even managed to set up my own radio station over three years ago. Without the controller I wouldn't be able to do anything on my computer.

Have a great Christmas and I will definitely let you know how I get on with the gaiter.

Simon Charnley

P.S. Thanks very much for the Christmas hat too!  I will wear it when I go to football next weekend

Day Trippers Bolton

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your recent contribution to our fundraising activities. We held our annual Dinner Dance on Friday 10th October which was a great success.

Thanks to your donation along with others we raised approximately £2500 !!! Those that actually won your donations were over the moon (apparently a few are going away for Christmas presents!)

Once again, a massive thank you from `Daytrippers (Bolton)’


More info; 

Dan - Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart


We were away when Minion Stuart was delivered so apologies for the belated THANK YOU!  Dan loves his minion and so do all his carers.  I have put your postcard up on his pin board and Dan points to

your photos indicating he’d like you to come and play!  I have told him you sent him the minion and I am sure he would give you his own thank you if he could!

Here is a happy Dan with his friend minion Stuart. Dan has Angelman Syndrome and loves almost anything silly and funny. Stuart fits the bill! Thank you!

With best wishes,

Hanna Stevenson

Sue - Thomas the Tank Engine

Hello again Mike,

Thomas arrived today.. Thank you SO much... I cannot believe how quickly it arrived! Exactly what I was looking for.. Thank you too for your accompanying letter.. One little birthday boy is going to be SO happy on Friday. I will without question be highly rating your excellent customer service, packaging and super speedy delivery, would give you 10* if the option were available. I look forward to shopping with you again Kind Regards and grateful thanks' 


Angus Special  Playscheme

We were very pleased to hear our contribution had helped Angus Special Playscheme to raise over £800 at their summer fete. This is the letter we received from Karen Kedward , Manager.


Stephanie - Sensory Toy

Hi Mike,

We figured out the vibrate; you pull the flower by Anthony's mouth. Thank you So much. You went out of your way to help a little boy who can't enjoy many of the traditional toys. We were amazed at how quickly the toy arrived and how easy the transaction went. Thank you for following up to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. My co-worker's grandson will now have a special gift for his first birthday.

Stephanie, USA

Nicholas - Switch Accessible Camera

Happy New Year, I just wanted to let you know that our son Nicholas loves his camera and he is having a great time taking photos. It will be much better when the weather gets better and he is able to go outside.  He was so excited Christmas morning when he seen the camera and he was able to take the photos.  I will keep checking your website on new equipment.  He has a birthday coming up in the summer and I will probably buy something that he can actually use on his own.

Take care Thanks Annette, Canada

Gillian - Switch Accessible Camera

Dear Mike,

I would like to say thank you very much for the enormous amount of help you gave to enable me to choose a switch accessible camera for my son, who is severely physically disabled. Thank you for being so approachable and available and supplying the equipment at such short notice, in time for Christmas. My son loves his camera and it is a delight to watch him choose and take photographs of whatever he wants.

It was definitely his favourite Christmas present and I would highly recommend your service.

Kind Regards, Gillian, UK

Good Toy Guide 2009/10 Focus Group Report


The toys were tested by 40 children from 8 months to 11 years old with a wide range of different needs, these needs included children with cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, some with hearing aids and some with cochlear implants and children with brain injury.

These are the comments we received from focus group evaluations co-ordinated by Carole Burton (Editor, Good Toy Guide) at the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries.


All of these products were felt to be excellent! Perfect for children with additional needs especially when the switch plug was attached, this made it easy for children to ‘turn’ the toy on no matter their ability.

Mongo’s hand clapping encouraged the children to clap hands and many of the children enjoyed singing along with him. He was particularly useful to use with children who have just be fitted with a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. He was used in a vowel recognition game – ‘oo’ is the monkey vowel and the children were delighted to have Mongo as the symbol. A deputy head of a P.S.L.D school felt that she would buy and use this switch toy with music as it was invaluable in a 1 to 1 situation with children with a severe learning disability.

A recommended modification for Mongo is to change his name to Mongo the Monkey.

Cowley the Cow great toy that encouraged the children to make the animal sounds as they sang along with or listened to Cowley. Encouraged the children to move along to the singing cow with flapping ears!

The Nurserytime Bear was used as a therapeutic resource – a fun play item and a bedtime routine toy – very versatile. It was excellent for encouraging fine and gross motor skills, particularly reaching and stretching out to switch, and also encouraging a functional touch/grasp. Good introduction to cause and effect skills, speaking and listening, observation and concentration. It was felt to be a very sensory toy, useful for calming and relaxing the sensory system as it is a soft cuddly toy with a ‘twinkly’ sound to the bears voice.

Arnold the Snoring Pig is very huggable and the children found the snoring very entertaining. Arnold appealed more to the older children/young people with additional needs. Mainstream children enjoyed him as well, but tended to lose interest quicker. But he did make everyone laugh adults and children alike!

All of these toys were felt to be excellent for encouraging therapeutic goals for the children. They were felt to have good movements and pleasant sounds. Good materials – soft and cuddly, but a little difficult to clean. A storage bag would be a great and useful addition. It was good that they could be used with or without the switch lead, but the switch lead is a very useful and welcome addition.


Stephen - switch accessible music

"We spent ages trying to find a switch-adapted music system for our teenage lad as we'd only been able to use our existing switch system with the radio. Excitim'sboombox looked promising but we weren't sure if it would work with a wireless switch. Mike was so helpful in testing things out for us before we committed to buying and always on hand when we had queries.

Many thanks to Mike for all the extra effort he put in to help us find a solution - and it was all worth it. The sound quality is great and our lad loves being able to control his music himself from his bed. It has really helped his independence. Fantastic!"