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Saturday 18 Jan, 2020

We are Excitim

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Excitim is a family business run by Gloria and Mike Taylor from our base in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

(That’s us in the picture with Cassy Bear, Roaring Rex and Sammie Dog; three of the Talking, Singing and Dancing toys Gloria switch adapts.)

Every so often we get asked ‘what do you love about running the business?’ The simple answer is people, parents and professionals, tell us our toys make a big difference to the lives of their children. Being told that gives us a real buzz! Read what they say on the Testimonials page.

Just for the record, we started out as Excitim in 2006 after I left the ‘corporate’ world in one of its regular purges; I was 53 years old/young. In fairness I’d been lucky; I’d had a progressive international career working for a very large company and all earlier purges had passed me by.

What next? I had a simple choice: more of the same – no thank you! Or, doing something new and completely different – yes please! Adapted special needs toys is what I focused on. Why? Well, I was introduced to Mark Heath, an electronics engineer, who had some very bright ideas and showed us, with a bit of clever thinking, what could be done to help kids with disabilities and demanding needs have fun.

In the first couple of years of Excitim I still did the odd consultancy project because they helped to pay the bills. But as we got better at adapting toys and stuff started to happen I found I didn’t have any time to spare; I stopped doing anything else and concentrated on special needs toys 100%.

Our first big break happened in 2007 when we visited the Special Needs Fringe and got talking with Nadine and Rich at Quality Enabling Devices. They liked the Dream-Racer car Mark had designed for Danny, a five years old quadriplegic, and QED became our first customer. Gosh, we had a sale! We’d made it. Break out the champagne. When we calmed down we got on with the big job of finding more toys to expand our catalogue of one toy: Dream-Racer. Making them was new and we became ‘manufacturers’ dinosaurs even.

Looking at where we are today our catalogue is around 70(ish) toys and we sell extensively in the UK through this website and three well known distribution partners. And, we’ve also found partners in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Ireland to represent us in those countries.

What’s next – more of the same well-seasoned with lots of fun along the way.

Thank you for reading this page and your interest in knowing more about us and how we got here. We hope you find what you are looking for but if you don’t feel free to get in touch; call us on 0845 900 3860 or by email through our Contact Us page. We’ll do our best to help.

Read our blog: it's where I write about new toys, places we visit, groups we support and lots more. Let's be social: joint us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Have fun,

Gloria and Mike Taylor