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This week the new website for US and Canada went live and you can find it at Just like our UK web shop the new site is focused on special needs toys and switch adapted play.

Clickable image of the US flag that links to Excitim's website for US citizensClickable image of the Canadian flag that links to Excitim's website for Canadian citizensSome folks may be asking why a UK based company would be thinking about a website for US and Canada. The answer is simple; when two parents Kara Melissa and Stacy Warden blogged about the toys they bought from us lots of parents and professionals living in the US and Canada got in touch and some also bought adapted toys.

Many of the parents and professional told us they search the web looking for new and different toys for their children and many said they liked the variety they found in our UK web shop. I have to say it’s very satisfying to get comments like that because I know how much effort goes into keep the catalogue fresh. (My activity tracker told me we walked 11.6 miles up and down the aisles at one toy exhibition: unbelievable!)

So, in part, the website for US and Canada is about opening a window to highlight the adapted toys we produce in the UK and partly about informing parents and professionals about us and what we do. We also have a plan to identify an individual or organisation willing to work with us.

Working with us

We would very much like to hear from individuals or organisations who would act as a local stockist and distributor of our switch adapted toys. We see that as the way forward and very much hope we can get something set-up in the not too distant future. Interested? Get in touch with us via the email form on the Contact Us page of the new website. Or if you would like to discuss it in person call me on Skype at excitimltd.

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