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In the Night Garden

Introducing a new range of toys inspired by ‘In the Night Garden’

Great news – we now stock ‘In the Night Garden’ toys equipped with familiar songs and phrases. A trusted and popular child’s programme aired on the CBeebies bedtime slot- In the Night Garden is based on a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination.

Join Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka along with their friends, in a happy, calming and imaginative world of music and nursery rhymes.

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Special Needs Toy: Large Talking Igglepiggle

Image of Igglepiggle from the CBeebies TV show 'In the Night Garden'

Bring playtime to life and encourage children to sing and talk with a talking Igglepiggle soft toy.  Simply press his hand to hear his favourite songs and phrases.

Talking Upsy Daisy Soft Toy

Image of Upsy Daisy soft toy from the CBeebies TV show 'In the Night Garden'
Upsy Daisy

Everyone knows the Upsy Daisy song right?

Now, your little ones have their very own talking Upsy Daisy to sing to and cuddle. With a super soft appearance, they’ll never want to put her down!

It’s no wonder why she is Igglepiggles best friend! 

 Igglepiggle’s Bedtime Boat

Image of Igglepiggle's Bedtime Boat
Igglepiggle’s Bedtime Boat

Night, night, sleep tight. The Igglepiggle’s Bedtime boat comforts and entertains your little one whilst they’re drifting off to sleep. Equipped with soothing lullabies, short bedtime stories and relaxing stars which project onto the ceiling in 3 soft colours.

Let your children fall asleep and dream of all things ‘In the Night Garden.’  

Explore and Learn Musical Activity Table

Invite your children into the wonderful world of ‘In the Night Garden’ with The Explore and Learn Musical Activity table. (Click the link to watch the video) Engage children’s cognitive abilities with this tactile and colourful toy designed to stimulate creativity.

Image of the Musical Activity Table inspired by the 'In the Night Garden' stories and play experiences
Musical Activity Table
  • turn the pages of the book to hear 4 stories;
  • press the light-up buttons;
  • put Makka Pakka to bed in his cave;
  • place Upsy Daisy in her carousel and watch her spin and play music;
  • bash the buttons with the hammer for games around colours, counting and silly sounds.

Find out more how about how to play with the In the Night Garden’s Activity table by watching the video on the website.

Musical Activity Pinky Ponk

Image of the Pinky Ponk toy inspired by 'In the Night Garden TV show on CBeebies
Pinky Ponk

Last but certainly not least -the wonder that is Pinky Ponk!

Pinky Ponk (click the link to watch the video) is always on an adventure, whether he’s flying around the tree tops or getting stuck in one!

This toy is perfect for children who love to hear fun and familiar sounds, colours and play with shapes and figurines to help them learn and engage.

We’d love to know which ‘In the Night Garden’ toy your child loves to play with and if you’d like to find out more about this popular TV series visit Cbeebies ‘In the Night Garden.’



Switch Adapted Toys – The Minions are taking over the world!

Announcing the Minion movie & our new switch adapted toy Minion

We’ve got a lot of love for Minions, so much so we’ve added three new Minions to our switch adapted toys section.  We’ve not been able to get enough of these little critters since Despicable Me 1 and 2.  When we heard about them starring in their very own movie, we thought it was a great idea to release our new switch adapted toy Minions, Bob, Stewart, Kevin.

 New Minions added to our switch adapted toy section

Image of Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob from the new Minion film.
Minion brothers Kevin, Stuart and Bob

Minion Stuart is the big brother and the leader in the Minions movies.  He’s bananas mad and loves to tell just how much.

Minion Stuart, is the middle brother and a wannabe rock star and of course a rebel! He comes with a working guitar so you can help him reach his  star potential.

Minion Bob is the little brother and the minion that falls in love with everyone. We’ve certainly fallen in love with him.

All thee Minions are switch adapted and  wonderfully interactive. They include sayings from the movie, songs and funny noises which the Minions are known for.

Minion Movie Announced

We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for July 10th 2015 when the new Minion movie comes out on the big screen. The three little mischievous Minions: Stuart, Bob and Kevin are recruited by villain aptly named Scarlet OverKill, voiced by Sandra Bullock to take over the world, but we wander if they have plans of their own… It is their film after all!

It’s our aim to provide all children with the right to play and have fun.  With our range of switch adapted toys, we hope to ignite their imagination and encourage their potential.

We’d love to know what you think of our switch adapted toy Minions and the new movie when it’s out. Please come back and let us know your thoughts.

Make learning fun with Switch Adapted Toys & Sensory play

Featuring our switch adapted and sensory toys to aid learning

Switch adapted toys and toys that involve sensory play help children to assimilate the world around them.  Making sense of the world is an enormous task for children and even more so for disabled children.  How children make sense of the world eventually will affect how they relate to those around them.

  “Play develops creativity, intellectual competence, emotional strength and stability, and feelings of joy and pleasure.  The habit of being happy”. Piers and Landau

Switch Adapted Toys: Little Miss Chatterbox helps to reinforce learning

Image of a switch adapted toys: Little Miss-Chatterbox
Switch Adapted Toys: Miss-Chatterbox

Little Miss Chatterbox is one of our unique switch adapted toys for disabled children.  She’s ideal if you’re trying to help your child remember essentials such as counting, days of the week and spelling.

Press her hand and get your child to record their 10 second message, her hand will stay red whilst she’s recording.

Repetition is a great technique to teach your child effectively and this switch adapted toy will aid their learning, making it fun and interactive in the process.

Find out more about the switch adapted toy Little Miss Chatterbox.

Sensory Play Toys: Mr Bump engages children

Encouraging our children to use most if not all of their 5 senses during play, enables them to become active learners. Sensory play helps children to develop their emotional, physical and social skills further.

Image of sensory plush toy: Mr-Bump
Sensory Plush Toys: Mr-Bump

Sensory play helps children to create meaning from their experiences and has been linked to cognitive, social and emotional development.

Our sensory toy Mr Bump is made out of plush velvet so it’s lovely to touch, and makes funny crashing noises should he be dropped.

This sensory toy allows the child to have control over what they’re doing and keeps them engaged in something that they find fun.

If you like the sound of Mr Bump then find out more about him. How do your children learn best?