Are you on Pinterest? We joined Pinterest in 2013 and I’d like to invite you to follow all of our boards but especially the Toys with Apps board.

Pinterest is where we post pictures and descriptions of switch adapted toys, sensory toys, great sensory apps and, on a new board, toys that work apps.

I’ve called the new board Toys with Apps because these toys work with apps loaded on your smart phone or tablet. Here are pictures of the first two toys I’ve posted to the board:

Twilight Turtle Tunes sensory light projection and sound toy feature on Excitim's Toys with Apps Pinterest board.
Twilight Turtle Tunes play soundscapes through the app

Twilight Turtle Tunes

He’s a nightlight that projects a colour changing star pattern onto the walls of a darkened play area, den or bedroom. But, this is where the Bluetooth bit comes in, it connects to a free app that lets you play sensory soundscapes, musical playlists you’ve created or even tell stories through Twilight Turtles built-in speaker.

Read more about this on two earlier blog posts: Story time with Twilight Turtle Tunes and Twilight Turtle Tunes.

Toy-Fi Teddy featured on Excitim's Toys with Apps Pinterest board.
Toy-Fi Teddy send him messages with an app

Toy-Fi Teddy

He’s the second toy on the Toys with Apps Pinterest board. He’s one of the very newest toys to work with a app. He connects to the app on your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) and lets you send messages direct to your child’s Toy-Fi Teddy and then to receive a reply back onto your phone.

Imagine this scenario: it’s bedtime, but mum or dad is travelling and won’t be home to say goodnight. If this is you them this may just be the toy your child needs. Simply record a message in the app and send it to your child’s Toy-Fi Teddy. It doesn’t matter whether you are next door or on a different continent. The red heart flashes when the message is received and, even more, the child can record you a message and send it straight back to your phone.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows it all.

I just love this idea.

I’ll add more of these Toys with Apps on Pinterest and the Special-Needs-Toys website as I find them. Follow our boards on Pinterest now.