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Toys that are modified for use by children who use input switches to activate it.

Rock-a-Bye Bear switch adapted toy

Rock-a-Bye Bear switch adapted toy
Rock-a-Bye Bear switch adapted toy

Rock-A-Bye Bear is a switch accessible toy specially adapted for young children and she’s the perfect toy to help the ease the routine of getting the child to sleep.

Press the switch and the toy rocks from side to side as she sings the first verse of the classic children’s lullaby ‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’. As the song ends she bends down to kiss her baby goodnight.

Height: 10″ / 25 cm, surface washable, guaranteed for 12 months and three AA batteries are included.

Rock-a-Bye Bear and other Talking, Singing and Dancing switch adapted toys can be found on the Special-Needs-Toys website.

Tolo First Friends Railway Adventure

Tolo have produced another fantastic cartoon based on First Friends Toys. It’s all about a railway adventure the boy takes to visit his grandma.

Want switch accessible Tolo toys then visit: http://www.special-needs-toys.co.uk

The cartoon features the First Friends Train Set, Car and Construction vehicle that we specially adapt for switch users. All of these toys and more are available on our special needs toys website.

Shropshire Star … new website and rebranding article

Excitim's new website and rebranding article
Shropshire Star article featuring our new website and rebranding

Today the Shropshire Star printed and article about the new website and rebranding we have completed.

It’s great to see our business being featured in Shropshire’s local newspaper again. In fact, since we stepped up our PR activities we’ve been in the Star five times, on Radio Shropshire twice, in Shropshire Business Today and had lots of other online coverage.

We work with two local companies: J and PR and Ed Bagnall Photography to help us with PR activities.

This article resulted in Excitim being listed as website of the week on Shropshire Care Info Central.

We are planning more PR over the next few months to promote the new website and rebranding we’ve invested in. And, we’ll be working hard to boost our Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest coverage. All in a days work.

What about the old Dream-Racer website? Well, very simply it was not good enough and we took the decision to replace it. Please update any links to Dream-Racer you may have stored with a link to the new site: Excitim Special-Needs-Toys.