Image of the switch accessible Dice produced by Excitim
Switch Dice

Making Board Games Accessible for The Family with a Switch Accessible Dice

Back in November, we visited the exhibition in Manchester run by Disabled Living and took along some of our switch adapted toys. In particular our switch adapted dice was popular with the parents who liked to play board games with their children.  As we discovered from talking with one family, playing board games with a disabled child can be a challenge especially when rolling a dice is an important part of the game.  Their concern was the dice. It was trickier to throw and most of the times it got lost and this is where a switch accessible dice comes in handy (pardon the pun!)

We took the opportunity to invite the family at the Kidz to Adultz up North exhibition to have a game of snakes and ladders with us to demonstrate just how easy and effective our switch adapted dice is to use for all of the family.

We know how many families love playing board games and no matter how much technology seems to take over, board games are still one of the biggest selling toys for children.  There has been so much research into children playing board games and some of the findings are superb, we’re glad that we’re able to assist in board game family fun.

How does the switch accessible dice work?

We wrote a blog last year on our switch accessible dice being used in board games describing how to use it. Essentially you just plug the switch into the socket on the front of the Switch Dice and it’s ready to use. No more lost dice. No wasted time spent trying to find it.

Board games – benefits for Children

If you’re yet to take advantage of board game fun with the family, let us tell you some of the benefits:

  1. Social Skills

Social skills are extremely important for any children to learn so that they’re able gain confidence in their own abilities, make friends, make their own decisions, know right from wrong and so on. A great idea is to split your family into teams and encourage your child to help its team to succeed. The laughing, smiling, encouragement and a sense of achievement helps your child (and their siblings) to become socially comfortable and more confident.  

  1.  Essential learning

Counting, colour and number recognition, reading and eye and hand coordination are all things which your child will get to learn and refine each time that they play. Of course these skills are transferable and are vital for mental and physical cognitive progression.

  1.  Thinking for yourself

The most important thing any child can learn is to think for themselves and your child in their own way will have a way of doing this. Board games will help to reinforce this because it provides them opportunities to make their own decisions, and boost their confidence in making choices, as well as saying yes and no.

  1. Family time

One of the biggest benefits of playing board games we think is the privileged of getting to spend time with the family.  Being in an environment where fun, laughter and emotion is encouraged can do wonders for many children’s mental and physical well being.
We believe every child has the right to play, even if that means adapting mainstream methods.

Watch our Switch Accessible Dice video and see how easy it is to use and implement into a board game session for the entire family.