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Describes a device such as a toy, that has been adapted or modified so that a switch can connect their input switch in order to activate the device.

Rolling the Switch Dice

Noah and his Dad playing Shoots and Ladders using Switch Dice
Noah and his Dad playing Shoots and Ladders using Switch Dice

Recently I blogged about using Switch Dice for playing board games and said I would be sending out samples for review.

Just to recap, Switch Dice is a switch accessible electronic dice. Pressing the switch causes the bright red LEDs to flash and show the number of spaces the player should move in the game.

Stacy Warden, living in Colorado, was one of the first to get one and try it out. She writes a blog – Noah’s Miracle – about her son Noah. He is six years old and was born with a cerebral palsy condition.

The Warden family love playing board games. And, as Noah uses a switch with his other toys, it seemed reasonable to think he would be able to use it to ‘role’ the dice when it was his turn to play. All that’s needed is to plug a switch (any 3.5mm) into the front of Switch Dice and press it to make Switch Dice ‘roll’.

Very simple but for many kids with CP getting actively involved in game play, rather than watching others take their turn, can be difficult if not impossible. I believe Switch Dice has the potential to remove that barrier.

The picture shows Noah and his Dad playing Shoots and Ladders (I think we know the games as Snakes and Ladders in the UK)

Getting Noah involved and participating in the family fun was Stacy’s goal. Read her blog posting Rolling the Dice to see how it worked out.

She also has a lot to say about two other switch adapted toys: Domino Train and Rally Racer and a new app-controlled communication toy Toy-Fi Teddy that lets users swap messages through their phone and tablet.

Noah’s Miracle is a good read – I encourage you to bookmark it and sign-up for regular updates.

Switch Dice for playing board games

Playing board games with Switch Dice, a switch accessible electronic dice, is great inclusive fun.

Board games remain amazingly popular despite the trend to much more ‘techie’ toys. Nevertheless, go into any toy shop and you are certain to find a display of classics like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Monopoly through to a whole bunch of much newer games.

Switch Dice a switch accessible electronic dice
Switch Dice – switch accessible electronic dice

Playing board games usually requires players to throw or roll a dice. But for some gamers the act of throwing a dice may be difficult; that’s when Switch Dice, a switch accessible electronic dice can help. Switch Dice could be a great leveler especially if ‘local ground rules’ insist all players must use the Switch Dice when it’s their turn. Why not?

Switch Dice is really simple to use. Turn it on by plugging in a switch – any 3.5mm / 1/8th inch switch works. Pressing it makes the red Switch Dice LEDs ‘roll’ then stop showing how many spaces the gamer can move forward. The bright LEDs should help kids with sight conditions. It runs on two ‘AAA’ type batteries and if not used for more than five minutes goes to sleep to save battery power. Pressing the switch wakes it up again. It’s as simple as that 🙂

I’m planning to build six Switch Dice in January and send them to the mum and dad bloggers to test and review. The first one is going to Kara Melissa who blogs at ‘Free as Trees’ Read this posting about Kara and her son Seb. Another is for Stacy Warden who blogs at Noahsmiracle and the third is going to Tony Jones at TalkSense.

Would you like to check one out and willing to review it on your blog? Then get in touch – this is the link to our Contact Us page.


Gifts for Seb

Gifts for Seb is a blog post by Kara Melissa from Toronto and it’s definitely worth reading. Kara’s post is about her search for Christmas gifts suitable for her son, Seb, who has a cerebral palsy condition.

The full title of her post is ‘Gifts for Seb. And kiddos like him’. In it Kara lists toys Seb has enjoyed and, to use her description, toys that ‘continue to deliver’.

Rally Racer switch adapted racing cars as featured in blog post 'Gifts for Seb. And Kiddos like him'
Rally Racer switch adapted toy featured in ‘Gifts for Seb’

I find her concept of ‘toys that continue to deliver’ really interesting and it’s something I’ll be looking to appreciate more as we add new toys to our Special-Needs-Toys website.

‘Gifts for Seb. And Kiddos like him’ lists some toys I’ve not seen before but ones I’ll be keeping an eye open for when we visit the toys fairs in January. Perhaps more children would benefit from Kara’s research.

This Christmas Kara has purchased one of our Rally Racer switch adapted toys for Seb. Rally Racer is a two person toy. Seb will plug his switch into the adapted controller (on the left side in the picture) and he’ll be ready to race his car around the track against his sister, mum, dad or friends. I wonder who will be the champion racer?

I’m also looking forward to reading Kara’s review of Rally Racer and hearing what Seb thinks of it; fingers crossed it’ll be positive and also ‘continue to deliver value’.