Inspiring change with switch accessible cameras

Image of the Switch Accessible Camera Interface produced by Excitim

Sometime ago we introduced switch accessible cameras to our site and told you about the 100 Camera project by The Shooting Beauty Team. They were on a mission to bring 100 switch accessible cameras to 100 people with different disabilities.

Photography is an art loved by many and before switch accessible cameras, people with disabilities couldn’t partake.

Luckily with the likes of the 100 Cameras project, it’s brought awareness and opportunity for change.  It was their mission to reach $10,000 and we’re glad to say that they reached it and have surpassed their target– they’ve currently raised $11,580!

‘With cameras in hand, the project photographers are given the chance to overcome invisibility and tell the stories of their lives- their struggles, their accomplishments, their loves, losses and simply what they think is beautiful- through their eyes alone. No one else’s.’  Courtney Bent

It’s wonderful to see that so many people and organisations have got involved and helped to bring switch accessible cameras to the forefront of technology- we loved contributing too.

Their 100 Cameras’ Facebook page is an inspiring read.

Get your switch accessible camera and inspire the world through your lens

Now we can help you and your family indulge in the art of photography with our switch accessible cameras.  Based on the high specification Canon PowerShot A2600, our switch accessible cameras includes all you need to start your photography journey.

One of our customers from Canada who got the switch accessible camera for Christmas, emailed us to provide her great feedback. We sure do love happy customers!

Switch Accessible Camera

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