Lower stress levels with bed time reading & switch adaptive toys

Story time is a time that most parents and their children enjoy immensely. It’s a chance for the child to practice their listening, interaction and reading skills.  It calms, soothes and prepares them for sleep. It’s also a great opportunity for parent and child to bond over something fun and creative.

Switch Adapted Toys – Mr Tickle likes to tickle you

Image of switch adapted toys: Mr Tickle
Switch Adapted Toys: Mr Tickle

There are so many benefits to reading to your children and we think it’s important to make reading as interactive as we can.

That’s why our Mr Tickle toy is a great toy to be used during a Mr Tickle story time. If you squeeze his tummy, he’ll wave his legs and arms and try and tickle you!

Since Mr Tickle is a switch adapted toy, he can be connected to a standard switch and will tickle you until you can’t take no more.

Here’s a Mr Tickle fact for you: instead of going downstairs for his midnight feast, he’ll use his arms to reach all the way from his bedroom, to the kitchen fridge! Now that’s impressive isn’t it?

If you like reading to your children at bedtime and are looking for story inspiration then the Mr Men Website is ideal.

What’s your child’s favourite bedroom story?

Find out more about our switch adapted toy Mr Tickle and let us know what your child thinks of him.