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Businesses for Children Award Shropshire 2017

Businesses for Children Awards – Excitim is a ‘Highly Commendable’ buisiness

It was time to put on our black tie and shiny shoes as we attended Shropshire’s Businesses for Children Award dinner on Saturday, March 11th.  An annual event which identifies the contributions from businesses who support children in the Shropshire area.  In 2014, when it first began, we were given a ‘Highly Commendable’ award which meant a lot to Gloria and I!

Image of Gloria and Mike Taylor receiving Excitim's 'Highly Commended' Businesses for Children Award
Receiving our ‘Highly Commended’ Businesses for Children Award

It’s wonderful to support the local Shropshire community and recognise all of the businesses who are changing children’s lives, in a positive way through the work they do.  Family and community are at the heart of what we do here at Excitim Special Needs Toys.

Thank you to Like-Minded Shropshire Businesses

Over the past few months, I’ve met and talked with the judges and the judge for ‘Educational Businesses’ told me that ‘I’d blown her away.’  It’s nice to be recognised for aiming to make a difference in our young children’s lives.  So this year, BCA handed us another ‘Highly Commendable’ award which we’re thrilled about too.  

We’d like to thank people who sponsored us, the judges and everyone who helped to support the Shropshire Businesses for Children Award event and of course congratulate the other winners.

We are looking forward to next years event.

Switch Accessible Sailing – Natasha Lambert awarded BEM

How we helped with switch accessible sailing

We love seeing people doing so well especially when it’s our customers.

Image of Natasha Lambert recipient of the BEM
Natasha-Lambert- (c) PBO

You may remember us blogging about Natasha Lambert’s father who came to us about switch accessible sailing.  In short she wanted to sail the seas but her cerebral palsy prevented her from using the sail boats currently on the market.

We took on the challenge and adapted the radio transmitter with a Sipp and Puff transmitter on her model yacht, so she could practice the art of sailing  on the model before she got out on the sea.  Since the test model, Natasha Lambert has used the Sipp and Puff method in a real yacht and has  achieved what dreams are made of.   Of course, it wasn’t going to be long before she caught the attention of the Queen and was awarded an BEM.  How amazing is she?

17 year old Natasha Lambert has been sailing since she was just 12 years old and has sailed solo around the Isle of Wight, across the Channel and has embarked on various walking challenges.

I’m sure you’ll agree, she’s a remarkable young woman and provides hope and inspiration to many with cerebral palsy.  We’re honored to have assisted her in creating switch accessible sailing.

 Get involved with switch accessible sailing

Natasha has her own charity  Miss Isle which provides sailing tuition using the Sipp and Puff method to youngsters with disabilities.  She’s so passionate about sailing she wants to get people into it who wouldn’t normally.

We’d say that her drive, ambition and sheer determination deserves a BEM and more.

Well done Natasha!

Can we assist you with something switch adapted?  Contact us.