Excitim's network of resellers is expanding throughout Europe
Excitim’s network of resellers now extends to Norway

We’re always aiming to get as many resellers on board with Excitim Special Needs Toys and it’s our mission to expand. We want make sure our young fans and their parents are able to access our toys no matter where they live in Europe!

The United Kingdom is our home market but ever since we started producing switch adapted special needs toys we have had our eye on working with other specialist companies in Europe with an understanding of local needs.

Excitim’s Special Needs Toys Resellers

Recently we partnered up with a new reseller in Norway by the name of Amajo AS New to us but not to the parents and professionals in Norway. Amajo has been around for 25 years and are very professional. But, just in case you don’t live in Norway, here’s a list of all of other resellers we currently work with in Europe.

What’s next for us? Maybe not world domination (that sounds scary) but our network of resellers continues to grow. Here’s the list of resellers where you can find Excitim’s special needs toys.

United Kingdom & Ireland

Inclusive Technology – http://www.inclusive.co.uk/

Liberator – http://www.liberator.co.uk/

Ability-World – http://www.ability-world.com


HOP’TOYS – http://www.hoptoys.fr/


Komikapp-Rehatek – http://www.komikapp.se/


Amajo AS – http://amajo.no/


Ariadne Ideenshop – http://www.ariadne.de/

Rehavista – http://rehavista.de/index.php

The Netherlands and Belgium

Eelke Verschuur – https://eelkeverschuur.nl


Includo Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology – http://includo.com.pl/


Rednet – http://www.rednet-ag.com/


HelpiCare – http://www.helpicare.com/

Easy Labs S.r.l. – http://www.easylabs.it/

Ausilionline S.r.l. – http://www.ausilionline.it/

New Partners, new regions

We would like to hear from organisations or individuals interested in representing us in other European countries. Please contact us to discuss further.