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Now you can watch our Switch Accessible Toys on Video

Switch accessible toy videos

We’ve been busy at Excitim HQ creating some videos for you so that you can see how our switch accessible toys work.   To view our videos, it’s easy! All you have to do is to click on to our product page, choose your toy and scroll to the bottom where the video is.

Switch Accessible and Special Needs Toy Videos 

Here is an example of our switch accessible dice being used – this video shows how simple it is to use the switch accessible dice by simply pressing the big red switch.

This domino train video demonstrates how the train shoots out dominions in perfect rows, it’s ideal for children who struggle with coordination and balance and then they’re able to have fun by knocking them all down!

The Dream-Racer car video shows how it’s operated using motion sensitive switches in the ‘Dream Racer Cap giving every child a chance to use a remote controlled car. Take a look at the set-up and operating instructions. The Big Green Tractor is a little slower and gives children an opportunity to practice their switch-driving skills.

The Cassy Bear is one of our favourite switch accessible toys because she’s happy all of time!  Pressing her switch means she’ll sing ‘come and get happy’ whilst she rocks her feet back and forth

Love to listen to music? Watch the wireless party starter boom out your favourite tracks whilst flashing an array of party inspired colours. Guaranteed to get your party started!

These are just some of the videos that we’ve put together and we’d love to know which is your favourite switch accessible and special needs toy.

Stimulating Social Skills with Switch Adapted Toys: Peter Rabbit

Featuring Switch Adapted Toy Peter Rabbit

Role play is a fun activity for children and one that enables your child to learn through play. Social skills can be developed with the use of props, exercises and character building. This enables your child to put themselves in another’s shoes, make decisions, learn consequence and make sense of the world around them.

Image of switch adapted toy: Peter Rabbit
Switch Adapted Toys: Peter Rabbit

Social skills can be a hard process to develop within disabled children but with learning aids such as switch adapted toys used to role play in learning, it can be an easier and fun process for the child and parent.

Switch adapted toys such as our Peter Rabbit peek–a-boo-toy engages your child in a game of peek-a-boo and asks phrases to help to develop language and social skills.

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit has been a favourite among children and adults for many years. Peter Rabbit now has his very own adventures on CBeebies where you can follow him and his friend’s adventures.

Find out more about our switch adapted toy Peter Rabbit.