Switch Accessible Camera with switch and switch-box
Switch Accessible Camera with switch and switch-box

It’s always good to hear customer feedback on the various things we do. But I was especially pleased to get an email from Annette in Canada. She first got in touch in November asking about a switch accessible camera. She wanted one for her son, Nicoloas, for Christmas but had had difficulty in finding something suitable.

Fortunately we were able to help out.

Via email we talked about the switch accessible digital camera based on the Canon PowerShot and the switch accessible camera switch-box we had built for it. Annette went shopping and bought the camera locally. All we needed to do was send her the switch-box, software and set-up instructions. FedEx collected it from Excitim HQ here in the UK and delivered it to her in Canada four days later.

And, this is the mail I received yesterday.

Subject: Digital Camera for Christmas

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year, I just wanted to let you know that our son Nicholas loves his camera and he is having a great time taking photos.  It will be much better when the weather gets better and he is able to go outside.  He was so excited Christmas morning when he seen the camera and he was able to take the photos.  I will keep checking your website on new equipment.  He has a birthday coming up in the summer and I will probably buy something that he can actually use on his own.  Take care Thanks Annette

I love it when a plan comes together …. who said that?

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