Since launching the new Special-Needs-Toys website we have also stepped up our social media presence so that we are now on:

Graphic showing the social media sites Exitim uses.
Excitim’s social media presence

Facebook – we post new product information and milestones. Like our page.

Twitter – I tweet and re-tweet information to my followers to help get the message out. Follow me.

Pinterest – that’s where we pin pictures of the special needs toys we produce and re-pin links from other boards about related topics. Follow our boards.

YouTube Video Channel – is where we upload our videos about the talking, singing and dancing toys and interviews with parents and carers. Subscribe to our channel.

Excitim Special Needs Toys Blog – this blog where we share new info about new products. Bookmark our blog.

You’ll also find links to these social media sites at the top of this blog and at the bottom of our website page. Let’s be social.

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