Now you can watch our Switch Accessible Toys on Video

Switch accessible toy videos

We’ve been busy at Excitim HQ creating some videos for you so that you can see how our switch accessible toys work.   To view our videos, it’s easy! All you have to do is to click on to our product page, choose your toy and scroll to the bottom where the video is.

Switch Accessible and Special Needs Toy Videos 

Here is an example of our switch accessible dice being used – this video shows how simple it is to use the switch accessible dice by simply pressing the big red switch.

This domino train video demonstrates how the train shoots out dominions in perfect rows, it’s ideal for children who struggle with coordination and balance and then they’re able to have fun by knocking them all down!

The Dream-Racer car video shows how it’s operated using motion sensitive switches in the ‘Dream Racer Cap giving every child a chance to use a remote controlled car. Take a look at the set-up and operating instructions. The Big Green Tractor is a little slower and gives children an opportunity to practice their switch-driving skills.

The Cassy Bear is one of our favourite switch accessible toys because she’s happy all of time!  Pressing her switch means she’ll sing ‘come and get happy’ whilst she rocks her feet back and forth

Love to listen to music? Watch the wireless party starter boom out your favourite tracks whilst flashing an array of party inspired colours. Guaranteed to get your party started!

These are just some of the videos that we’ve put together and we’d love to know which is your favourite switch accessible and special needs toy.

Switch Accessible Cameras – 100 Camera Project Update

Inspiring change with switch accessible cameras

Image of the Switch Accessible Camera Interface produced by Excitim

Sometime ago we introduced switch accessible cameras to our site and told you about the 100 Camera project by The Shooting Beauty Team. They were on a mission to bring 100 switch accessible cameras to 100 people with different disabilities.

Photography is an art loved by many and before switch accessible cameras, people with disabilities couldn’t partake.

Luckily with the likes of the 100 Cameras project, it’s brought awareness and opportunity for change.  It was their mission to reach $10,000 and we’re glad to say that they reached it and have surpassed their target– they’ve currently raised $11,580!

‘With cameras in hand, the project photographers are given the chance to overcome invisibility and tell the stories of their lives- their struggles, their accomplishments, their loves, losses and simply what they think is beautiful- through their eyes alone. No one else’s.’  Courtney Bent

It’s wonderful to see that so many people and organisations have got involved and helped to bring switch accessible cameras to the forefront of technology- we loved contributing too.

Their 100 Cameras’ Facebook page is an inspiring read.

Get your switch accessible camera and inspire the world through your lens

Now we can help you and your family indulge in the art of photography with our switch accessible cameras.  Based on the high specification Canon PowerShot A2600, our switch accessible cameras includes all you need to start your photography journey.

One of our customers from Canada who got the switch accessible camera for Christmas, emailed us to provide her great feedback. We sure do love happy customers!

Switch Accessible Camera

Find out more about having a switch accessible camera.

We would love to know if you use switch accessible cameras and how they’ve improved your life.

Switch Adapted Toys – The Minions are taking over the world!

Announcing the Minion movie & our new switch adapted toy Minion

We’ve got a lot of love for Minions, so much so we’ve added three new Minions to our switch adapted toys section.  We’ve not been able to get enough of these little critters since Despicable Me 1 and 2.  When we heard about them starring in their very own movie, we thought it was a great idea to release our new switch adapted toy Minions, Bob, Stewart, Kevin.

 New Minions added to our switch adapted toy section

Image of Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob from the new Minion film.
Minion brothers Kevin, Stuart and Bob

Minion Stuart is the big brother and the leader in the Minions movies.  He’s bananas mad and loves to tell just how much.

Minion Stuart, is the middle brother and a wannabe rock star and of course a rebel! He comes with a working guitar so you can help him reach his  star potential.

Minion Bob is the little brother and the minion that falls in love with everyone. We’ve certainly fallen in love with him.

All thee Minions are switch adapted and  wonderfully interactive. They include sayings from the movie, songs and funny noises which the Minions are known for.

Minion Movie Announced

We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for July 10th 2015 when the new Minion movie comes out on the big screen. The three little mischievous Minions: Stuart, Bob and Kevin are recruited by villain aptly named Scarlet OverKill, voiced by Sandra Bullock to take over the world, but we wander if they have plans of their own… It is their film after all!

It’s our aim to provide all children with the right to play and have fun.  With our range of switch adapted toys, we hope to ignite their imagination and encourage their potential.

We’d love to know what you think of our switch adapted toy Minions and the new movie when it’s out. Please come back and let us know your thoughts.