Special Needs Toys Catalogue

Catalogue alert!!

Excitim’s special needs toys catalogue (2016) is available for download from the website. Look out for the blue button on the home page. Or, click on the button below for a quick link.

Image of the 'Catalogue Download Button' on Excitim's website
Catalogue download button

The catalogue features lots of new toys and resources. In it you will find a range of switch adapted toys, sensory toys, learning resources and switches. Check out the website for more info, videos and this blog. It’s where we post reviews and in-depth discussions on the newest gear such as the iPad switches iClick and iControl.

Image of the cover page of Excitim's special needs toys catalogue
Catalogue cover page

Clicking on the image of the cover page will download it for you as well.

The catalogue is in the popular PDF file format. Most systems will open it immediately.

Get in touch through our Contact Us page if you have any questions. We will do our best to advise on the suitability of the toys for your child.

Sleep Tight All Night sleep aid

Image of the sleep aid used in the 'Sleep Tight All Night Igglepiggle
Sleep Tight All Night sleep aid

Sleep Tight All Night Igglepiggle is a versatile sleep aid designed to help teach children when to sleep and when it’s time to get up. It features a small unit that is placed inside the Igglepiggle toy that can be set to shine green or red.

Scientific background

Investigations have concluded that green wave lengths are beneficial during day light hours because they boost attention and reaction times. But green light has been shown to be bad at night as it reduces that amount of melatonin the body produces and the ability to fall asleep.

Red light is less disruptive to the natural body clock and the production of melatonin.

Sleep mode

On the reverse side of the sleep aid are all the controls needed to set-up the sleep cycle and daytime play modes.

  1. Timer: the timer is used to set the duration you would, ideally, like you child to sleep; all night or perhaps for just a quick nap.
  2. Sounds: use the ‘Sounds’ button to select which of the five soothing sounds will be heard during the sleep cycle. These range from ‘falling rain drops’, ‘sea surf’, ‘gentle heartbeat’ ‘waterfall’ and ‘crickets’ as well as a no-sound option. The volume can be adjusted.
  3. Parental Lock: once set the unit can be switched ‘on’ which prevents curious little fingers from interfering with the setting.
RED – stay in bed

The unit is then placed into Igglepiggle’s pouch and closed with the velcro fastening.

When Igglepiggle’s tummy is squeezed the sleep aid responds by glowing red and the soothing sounds will be heard for 20 minutes. After 15 minutes the sounds get quieter and the light dims. Whilst the child sleeps the sleep aid remains active and will turn the light and sound back on for a further 5 minutes if the child is disturbed and squeezes Igglepiggle’s tummy again assisting your child to get back to sleep.

Throughout the sleep cycle the child should be encouraged that when ‘RED – stay in bed’.

Image of Sleep Tight All Night Igglepiggle sleep aid
GREEN – get up and go

When the sleep cycle set on the timer is complete a tummy press will make the sleep aid shine green. Encouraging your child ‘GREEN – get up and go’.

Play mode

Setting the sleep aid into ‘Day mode’ converts it into a daytime toy. Each tummy press then makes Igglepiggle say fun phrases and noises.

Watch the video on the Sleep Tight All Night Igglepiggle page for a good understanding of how it may help your child.

Toy videos on Excitim’s website

Image used to introduce the toy videos blog post listing videos available on Excitim's special needs toys websiteWe are adding more adapted toy videos to the website to show what they do when activated by a switch press.

I think this makes a lot of sense and will help parents and professionals make more informed decisions about the suitability of an individual toy for a child in their care. The toy videos will mostly be shot in-house and edited to around 25 seconds in length. They’ll be viewable on a phone or tablet and short enough to avoid stressing any download limits. Don’t expect to see every feature, complete songs or actions – think of them as a demo of what the toy will do and how they may support your child’s development.

Video listing (Updated July 2017)

Here’s a listing of the video currently on the website as of February 2017. Every time we upload another I’ll update this posting. Watch the toy video by clicking on the names of each toy in the list. For convenience I’ve listed all toy videos in the same categories you would find them on the home page of the website.On the same page you will find all the product details and the possibility to add to the toy box for purchase.

Talking, Singing and Dancing toy videos

Flappy the Elephant

Pee-a-Boo Elmo

Spunky the ABC and 123 Singing Dog

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden Musical Activity Pinky Ponk

In the Night Garden Activity Table

Sleep Tight All Night Igglepiggle

Igglepiggle’s Bedtime Boat


Twirlywoos Dance-Along Musical Peekaboo toy

Big Red Boat Playset

Age Range 3-6 years

Domino Train

Penguin Race

Thomas the Tank Engine

Age Range 6-10 years

Eurostar switch adapted train set

Johnny the Tractor

Switch Dice

Inflatable Radio Controlled Minion Kevin

Age range 10-teens


Sensory Light and Sound

Kaleidoscope Projector Lamp

Party Starter

iPad Accessories and Switches

iControl for iPad switching

This list will be updated when new toy videos are added to the website. Get in touch if you would like us to make a video of an adapted toy or iPad accessory you are especially interested in. Let us know through our contact us page.