Today we had some really excellent news. Our friends at Komikapp, Sweden told us they are putting our four newest switch adapted toys in their 2014/15 product catalogue.

We’ve known the guys at Komikapp since 2007 when they became the first company outside of the UK to approach us about adapted toys. The added first the Dream-Racer radio controlled vehicles we adapt for switch control through body movement, usually head movement, by sensors built into a baseball cap.

Over the years we’ve worked together they have added lots of switch adapted toys and now our four newest.

As well as our switch adapted toys they do some great equipment you’ll find in sensory rooms as well as relaxation aids for the very active and lots of other good stuff. Take a look.

These are the four new toys we’ll be sending to Sweden:

Castle Chase: one of Excitim's latest switch adapted toys. Space Chase: one of Excitim's newest switch adapted toys. Rally Racer: one of Excitim's newest switch adapted toys. Elmo: one of Excitim's newest switch adapted toys.

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