Dream-Racer - big green Tractor
Dream-Racer – big green tractor

We have been looking for something to add to the Dream-Racer range of body motion controlled switch adapted radio controlled cars and trucks for some time. We wanted something slightly different and now we’ve found it – a big green tractor.

A regular radio controlled car or truck relies on a handset with two push-levers to control the direction the car moves. One for forward and reverse and the other for left and right. Pushing the lever forward and the other to the left makes the car drive forward but turning to the left. Great if you can do that but what if you have no hands or can’t move your hands?

This is where Dream-Racer could work for you. What we do is take the regular controls and build them into a baseball cap. So, if you can move your head, or other parts of your body, then you can drive the Dream-Racer car, truck or tractor. Very cool!

It’s controlled by the same switch adapted cap used with the Venus truck and Subaru car but the tractor drives along more slowly which will be better for children new to developing their switch skills.

Watch Dave, videoed at Blackfriars School, driving one of the Dream-Racer cars using heads control.

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