Fact: kids love playing with bubbles and with Dr Zigs giant bubble kits it’s like playing with magic.Big-Bubble-Web-400

Every year our switch adapted bubble machine is one of the most asked for toys in the catalogue. So, when I took a call from Paola at Dr Zigs and she told me about their giant bubble kits and the sensory play kits I needed to know more. A few days later we met up and she told me how Dr Zigs came about.

It all began because Ziggy, Paola’s son, loved bubbles. As a toddler, he would get squeals of contagious giggles every time he saw bubbles. Danny, Ziggy’s dad was inspired and got busy and managed to create some pretty amazing bubble mix. They decided to form a company, called it Dr Zigs and started to produce giant bubble kits.

Environmental Credentials

Dr Zigs believe passionately in minimising their environmental impact and aim to be as carbon neutral as possible.

Wood used in the Bubble Wands are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources and the cotton Bubble Wicks are from suppliers operating under the Fairtrade scheme. The giant bubble mix is produced using low impact environmentally approved chemicals and is completely biodegradable in sunlight.

Giant Bubble Kits

We have added two giant bubble kits to our special needs toys website and a third that combines giant bubble play with elements of sensory stimulation.

Giant Bubble Play

Want to know how to make giant bubbles? How’s how:

  • First connected the rope to the wands and hold one in each hand.
  • Then dip the rope into the bubble mixture and let it get thoroughly soaked.
  • Lift the rope out of the mixture and let the excess drips fall off.
  • Raise the wands high to let the breeze blow through the rope to create lots of giant bubbles.

Chase the giant bubbles, try to catch them, pop them – do it all over again and again.

Want to see how well these giant bubble kits make really big bubbles? Watch the video on any of the three product pages in the Sensory Bubble Toys section. Here’s the shortcut to the giant bubble kits and the sensory play bubble kit to all of our bubble toys.

Have some giant bubbling fun.


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