Image showing the switch adapted Domino Train toy
Domino Train switch adapted toy

Domino Train is a super new fun toy in our catalogue of switch adapted special needs toys. One of the reasons I like it is because it’s a train and all boys, including big boys, like trains – it’s part of our DNA.

Other reasons are it’s bright and colourful, it sounds its bell as it chugs along and it has a bright green light on the front. Good enough reasons anyway but the best thing is that Domino Train leaves a trail of coloured up-standing domino tiles behind it. Now that’s interesting and not something you’ll not find very often. Normally you would say the main interest would come from the train itself; it is good but I think the line of domino bricks creates the possibility for good cognitive training and development. I’m sure lots of parents and professionals will latch onto this feature of the Domino Train.

Watch this short – 20 second – video of Domino Train on our YouTube Channel.

Learning with Domino Train

Here are four simple ideas that you could introduce when playing with Domino Train:

  1. developing cause and effect skills: making the Domino Train chug along using the switch
  2. numeracy: asking the child to make a trail of X dominoes
  3. colour recognition: asking the child to make a trail that contains a certain number of yellow tiles.
  4. eye co-ordination: asking the child to knock the dominoes down using the Domino Train or another toy

I’m sure clever parents and professionals will think of lots more ideas. Share them with us via our Contact Us page and I’ll post them to this blog. If you find these ideas about using toys to help develop cognitive understanding you may like to have a read of this posting about the Benefits of Switch Adapted Play (parts 1 and 2)

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