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Businesses for Children Award Shropshire 2017

Businesses for Children Awards – Excitim is a ‘Highly Commendable’ buisiness

It was time to put on our black tie and shiny shoes as we attended Shropshire’s Businesses for Children Award dinner on Saturday, March 11th.  An annual event which identifies the contributions from businesses who support children in the Shropshire area.  In 2014, when it first began, we were given a ‘Highly Commendable’ award which meant a lot to Gloria and I!

Image of Gloria and Mike Taylor receiving Excitim's 'Highly Commended' Businesses for Children Award
Receiving our ‘Highly Commended’ Businesses for Children Award

It’s wonderful to support the local Shropshire community and recognise all of the businesses who are changing children’s lives, in a positive way through the work they do.  Family and community are at the heart of what we do here at Excitim Special Needs Toys.

Thank you to Like-Minded Shropshire Businesses

Over the past few months, I’ve met and talked with the judges and the judge for ‘Educational Businesses’ told me that ‘I’d blown her away.’  It’s nice to be recognised for aiming to make a difference in our young children’s lives.  So this year, BCA handed us another ‘Highly Commendable’ award which we’re thrilled about too.  

We’d like to thank people who sponsored us, the judges and everyone who helped to support the Shropshire Businesses for Children Award event and of course congratulate the other winners.

We are looking forward to next years event.

Daytrippers Bolton

Lisa at Daytrippers Bolton has sent us an email saying how our contribution has helped raise £2500 at their annual dinner dance. It’s a big boost to their funds and will surely make a huge difference to all the kids they support.

Daytrippers Bolton is a parent led charity that supports disabled kids and families in Bolton Lancashire.
Daytrippers Bolton parent led charity supporting disabled kids

Daytrippers Bolton is a parent and carer led registered charity that provides days out and activities for disabled children and their families living around Bolton, Lancashire.

Daytrippers Bolton was the brainchild of one parent who had 2 young children one of whom has severe disabilities. Having a day out as a family was a nightmare with an active 4yr old and a child with disabilities. The day usually ended in tears with their visit having to be cut short due to her child with disabilities having a seizure or becoming unwell. This lead to the family feeling very isolated.

Gradually getting to know other parents and carers of children with disabilities made her realised that she was not alone and that abandoned days out and isolation were a common occurrence.

With this in mind she set about looking at ways to improve the situation she found herself in and decided to book a session at The Space Centre, Preston, a special needs soft play/sensory centre and asked other like families if they would like to go.

You can find more about Daytrippers Bolton on their website, by calling 07742 693157 or by emailing them at at

Read Lisa’s email on our Testimonials page.

Prize Draw Talking Minion Stuart

Image shows prize-draw winner Dan with his Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart
Prize Draw winner Dan with his Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart

We recently had the opportunity to meet families and professionals at the ASSERT Angelman Syndrome Support Education and Research Trust conference and exhibition as they met to discuss new research into the condition and family support.

It could be you’ve never heard of the condition; I hadn’t before meeting parents and joining the very active Facebook Group Angelman Syndrome UK. If you would like to learn more then this blog posting ‘Angelman Syndrome Conference‘ will help as well as give you links to more information.

We had been invited to the exhibition to demonstrate special needs toys, sensory light and sound toys and iPad switches.

And, for some fun, we ran a prize draw for a Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart; even though most parents must have been driven minion-mad by now. But, if somehow, all the excitement has all passed you by and you absolutely need to know what a Minion is and does, read this blog ‘switch adapted toys – Despicable Me Talking Minions.

Then read the mail Hana sent us when her son Dan received Despicable Me Talking Minion Stuart a few days later.