Category: Toys Adapted for Deaf Children

Toys that have been modified to provide stimulation or sensory feedback to individuals with limited or no hearing.

Switch accessible toys … new video

In a previous blog I mentioned the new switch accessible toys we have added to the catalogue on the Special-Needs-Toys website.

Look for the Penguin Racer and in the aged 3-6 years section.

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With Toy Fair and Spring Fair coming up shortly we will likely add more toys to the catalogue. I’m also keen to add more switch accessible gadgets as well to compliment the cameraiPad Accessories and Switches

Check-back soon if you can’t find what you are looking for today.

Penguin Racer switch adapted toy

Penguin Racer switch adapted toy
Penguin Racer switch adapted toy

I first saw this Penguin Racer toy several years ago and when I came across it again I knew it had to be in our catalogue of switch adapted and accessible toys.

Children will find the action mesmerising; watching as the penguins are hoisted up the ski-lift ladder, then sliding quickly down the winding slope before they do it all over again. Only when they release the switch will the penguins stop for a ‘breather’.

Penguin Racer is one of a series of new switch adapted or accessible toys we are introducing. Take a look at the complete range of toys on the Special-Needs-Toys website

Sensory toys for the blind and deaf

The new range of sensory toys we’ve been working on are now ready for viewing on the website

Sneezy the Activity Dragon sensory toy
Sneezy the Activity Dragon sensory toy

To make it easy for parents and professionals we’ve listed the sensory toys into three sections called: Sensory Plush Toys, Sensory Musical Toys and Sensory Rattle Toys and we’ve also suggested which toys would be most suitable for children who are blind, visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired.

We will be adding more in the future and adding new sections.

I’m very keen to find exciting sensory toys that feature light, sound and texture to stimulate imagination and curiosity.