Category: Toys Adapted for Blind Children

Toys that are designed to stimulate or provide sensory feedback to an individual with limited or no sight and hence cannot see the toy.

Jingle Bands

Jingle Bands - chunky metal bells on a coloured band
Jingle Bands – chunky metal bells on a coloured band

Jingle Bands: chunky metal bells mounted on coloured wristbands fastened with Velco. Suitable for young children or adjustable to adult size. These bells are an excellent way for young children to join in with music making or adding extra interest to dance and play.

You’ll find Jingle Bands in the Sensory Musical toys section on the Special needs Toys website.

Lamb Lamb switch adapted toy

We have a new addition to our series of switch adapted Talking, Singing and Dancing toys: Lena Lamb and she’s absolutely adorable.Lena-Lamb-400

Press the switch in her arm or one connected to the external socket and she will recite five nursery rhymes:

  • “Humpty Dumpty”
  • “Hichory Dickory Dock”
  • “Jack and Jill”
  • “Little Bo Peep” and,
  • “Twinkle twinkle little star”

She’s surface washable and comes with batteries. Just connect a switch and let the children play.

Switch accessible toys … new video

In a previous blog I mentioned the new switch accessible toys we have added to the catalogue on the Special-Needs-Toys website.

Look for the Penguin Racer and in the aged 3-6 years section.

Watch our videos on YouTube

With Toy Fair and Spring Fair coming up shortly we will likely add more toys to the catalogue. I’m also keen to add more switch accessible gadgets as well to compliment the cameraiPad Accessories and Switches

Check-back soon if you can’t find what you are looking for today.