Selfie of Gloria and Mike Taylor on the About us page of Excitim's blog.
Gloria and Mike Taylor … it’s a selfie

We would like to tell you some things about us and how we started making adapted toys. Excitim is a family business run by Gloria and Mike Taylor from our base in Market Drayton, Shropshire. This is our blog and we use it to highlight what we do in the area of switch adapted special needs toys for children with disabilities, learning difficulties and special needs.

Check out the about us page on the website if you are interested in learning about us before Excitim.

Wearing our Excitim hats for the moment, we started out in 2006 but it was in 2007, during a visit to The Special Needs Fringe exhibition when we got lucky. Nadine and Rick at Quality Enabling Devices, one of the best known companies working in special needs, took interest in Dream-Racer. It was the only thing in our catalogue at the time and it’s still there.

Dream-Racer is a remote controlled car driven by body movement. This page on the website explains more and the video shows how it works.

Since then we’ve gone on to include a lot more adapted toys. Along the way we’ve won awards, been on the radio, in the newspapers and been sent testimonials by parents and professionals encouraging us to keep doing more of the same. That’s the plan.

This is a quick snapshot of what’s currently in the catalogue:

All of the products highlighted are available for purchase from Excitim’s Special-Needs-Toys website or from a growing number of specialist distribution partners.

Feel free to get in touch through our contact page – we are really friendly and may be able to help you find something just right.