Month: June 2014

Joystick-To-Mouse and The Magnifier

Over the weekend I received an email from a software company, IMG, I’d not heard of in quite some time. Their email was about an updated version of Joystick-To-Mouse software we used in the Dream-Mouse product a few years ago. This is what the email said about it:


Run Windows from Any Joystick, Gamepad, Steering Wheel, Foot Pedal, or other Gaming Device. This software has been a big hit with Gamers and Joystick users for over 15 years! If you love to play games with your Joystick or Gamepad, why not run your computer with it? Now available for Windows 8 & 7 (32 & 64 bit), XP & 2000.

Software Announcement by IMG - Joystick-To-Mouse and The Magnifier
Software Announcement by IMG – Joystick-To-Mouse and The Magnifier

Who might find it useful? In my opinion any assistive technology user who routinely uses a PC should take a look at it because it lets the user configure a joystick (or other gaming console device) to act like a mouse. (that’s why they call it Joystick-To-Mouse) It’s worth downloading the free, fully working, demo software to give it a go. I thought it was good when we used it. The reason we stopped was because, at the time, it hadn’t been updated to Windows 7 and W7 was becoming the new standard installed on PCs.

They also announced a Windows 8 version of ‘The Magnifier’.

The Magnifier

The First Truly Affordable, Full Screen Software Magnifier, has just passed its 10th year providing low vision computer users with a powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive solution to their computer screen magnification needs. Now available for Windows 8 & 7 (32 & 64 bit), XP & 2000.

I’ve not used this particular software before but again, as there is a free demo download, what have you to loose? Take a look: this is the link to IMG:

100 Cameras Project

The 100 Cameras Project is a truly visionary idea

Now and again you come across an idea that just makes you want to say ‘wow’.

The 100 Cameras Project is such an idea. With awe-inspiring simplicity, it’s doing amazing things – and we are delighted to be contributing to its success.

One hundred disabled people throughout America are being provided with switch-adapted cameras to capture their vision of their world, sharing the sights they love.

100 Cameras Project - Bay State Members
100 Cameras Project – Bay State Members

Who would have thought that a team from a small town in Shropshire could play a part in this innovative and creative venture?  But we have! Some of the switch accessible digital cameras have winged their way from right here at Excitim.

This was all the dream of a photographer called Courtney Bent. She appealed for $10,000 to pay for the project from the community GoFundme site and money raised surpassed this total.

There’s a brilliantly eloquent account from Courtney herself all about the 100 Cameras Project here:

Help support The 100 Cameras Project: 100 cameras. 100 people with disabilities. 100 new voices.

Courtney says:

The 100 Cameras Project will put modified camera systems into the hands of 100 people with disabilities ranging from Autism to Down Syndrome to Alzheimer’s to Cerebral Palsy, throughout the U.S., bringing the vision of these new photographers to life while building awareness of disability, diversity and inclusion through art.

Read more about the 100 Cameras Project here:

So far, Excitim has contributed five complete photography kits. Each kit includes:
• Canon PowerShot A810
• Switch interface box
• Switch
• 2 memory cards with the switch software installed

We can’t wait to see the results!

#HugsforNoah auction on ebay

Did you know there’s a special auction going on at the moment for a very special little boy? Search ebay for the hashtag #HugsforNoah.

Noah laughing at Despicable Me Minion Dave #HugsforNoah
Noah laughing at Despicable Me Minion Dave #HugsforNoah

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Noah Wall, aged two, who’s an absolute charmer with a beautiful smile who gives great hugs. He loved our talking minion and laughed when he heard the farting noises.

Noah’s mum Shelly is a blogger who spends her time campaigning for awareness about the challenges Noah faces. Somehow, she manages to do this amid the demands of a busy family life.

Noah wasn’t expected to survive being born. Scans had shown he had spina bifida and fluid on the brain. He can’t regulate his own body temperature so mum Shelly and dad Rob constantly have to take clothes off or put clothes on him.

Now Shelly has launched a #HugsforNoah auction on eBay, with the support of the likes of Peter Andre and Beverley Knight. The reason behind the sale is that the family wants to buy Noah an adapted wheelchair to help him get about. These things aren’t cheap and this particular one costs thousands of pounds.

Research has shown that a lack of folic acid three months before pregnancy – not just during – can cause spinal bifida and Shelly now spends her time raising awareness through Noah’s story.

She updated her Twitter (@ShelliBobbins) on a daily basis throughout her pregnancy and has support from celebrities including Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis – who handed her one of his ‘Small Business Sunday’ awards for the shop she runs to raise money for Noah.

The family has been filmed for an episode of DIY SOS to adapt his Cumbria home and they are waiting for this to be aired. Here at Excitim, we are delighted to have made Noah’s acquaintance and have our fingers crossed that the #HugsforNoah auction will be a brilliant success.

Please head over to the auction page to check out the items on offer – from lovely quality homewares to signed items from celebrities. The sale ends on Friday, June 27 – happy bidding!