Month: September 2013

APPlicator iPad music and photos

APPlicator for switch access to iOS devices
APPlicator for switch access to IOS devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

The APPlicator is a brilliant switch accessory for iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s manufactured by Pretorian Technologies and I’m so pleased we have added it to our catalogue alongside their Smoothie switches.

It gives the user control over switch adapted apps.

But in addition, what’s really exciting is the AAPlicator also gives the user switch control over their music playlists as well as the ability to take pictures and video with the iPad camera (also iPhone and iPod touch).

Get in touch to learn more about the APPlicator, playing music and taking pictures.

Jingle Bands

Jingle Bands - chunky metal bells on a coloured band
Jingle Bands – chunky metal bells on a coloured band

Jingle Bands: chunky metal bells mounted on coloured wristbands fastened with Velco. Suitable for young children or adjustable to adult size. These bells are an excellent way for young children to join in with music making or adding extra interest to dance and play.

You’ll find Jingle Bands in the Sensory Musical toys section on the Special needs Toys website.