Month: September 2012

New switch adapted plush toys

Alongside the new Tolo car and Pony Club we have also added two new switch adapted plush toys to our catalogue. Both are available on the Special-Needs-Toys website and from our distribution partners in UK and Europe.

Thomas Old McDonald Bear switch adapted plush toy
Thomas Old McDonald Bear switch adapted plush toy

These toys will help stimulate your child in differing ways:

Thomas Old McDonald Bear sings “Old McDonald had a farm” and makes animal noises. Encourage your child to copy them.

Peek-a-Boo Dolly engages your child in a game of peek-a-boo.

Both of these new switch adapted plush toys can be activated by pressing a standard 3.5mm switch connected to the toy or by using the in-built switch.

New switch adapted cars

Two new switch adapted cars added to Excitim's catalogue.
New switch adapted cars

This autumn we have added two new switch adapted cars to our catalogue. The first is the Tolo First Friends Pony Club and the other is the Tolo First Friends Car.

Both are switch accessible using any standard 3.5mm switch and when pressed the child is rewarded by hearing and seeing:

– engine start-up noises

– a honking horn

– flashing head lights and red brake lights

– movement as the cars drive along for about 1 metre.

Both cars are great but I guess some will like the added play elements of the pony and trailer. Which would your child like most? Get in touch.

Switch accessible sailing – Natasha Update

In 2011 I blogged about a young lady called Natasha; her father asked us to adapt a radio transmitter with Sipp and Puff switches to enable Natasha to get into switch accessible sailing of a model yacht and to encourage her to develop her sailing skills. It was a big success!

Switch accessible sailing helped Natasha learn to sail.
Natasha and her Mum following her solo Isle of White round trip

Follow this link to the story on the BBC website: and read about how Natasha went on to sail solo around the Isle of White on September 9th, 2012

Natasha, who started her switch accessible sailing when she was 12, has so far raised £8,224 for Isle of Wight Scope, Cowes RNLI Life Boat and the Ellen MacArthur Trust.

She said her next challenge would be the Atlantic, which she described as “my ultimate dream”.