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Mr Tumble toys

Mr Tumble Toys

Image of Mr Tumble from top-rated CBeebies TV Show 'Something Special'
Mr Tumble

Mr Tumble toys are inspired by one of the most recognised and loved children’s characters on CBeebies. The BAFTA award-winning series, Something Special stars Mr Tumble – also known to the adults as Justin Fletcher.

Justin created the show ‘Something Special’ in 2003. It’s a programme for and featuring children with learning disabilities became an overnight sensation and a key part of a pre-schooler’s daily routine.

Mr Tumble toys are certainly something special!  These range of toys focus on 5 key learning elements and encourage the use of: touch, sound, recognition, light, texture and dexterity. Take a look – we think you will agree.

Mr Tumble toy with Lights and Sounds

Image of Mr Tumble featuring lights and sounds soft toy
Mr Tumble with lights and sounds

Can you spot the likeness between Justin and this this Mr Tumble toy?

This toy will provide children with visual and auditory stimuli with lights and sounds.

He’s full of bright colours, fun phrases and even equipped with a light up bow tie – perfect for the avid Mr Tumble fan!

Little ones will love holding him whilst watching Mr Tumble on his funny adventures in CBeebies TV show ‘Something Special’


Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Spotty Ball

Image of Mr Tumble's Fun Sounds Spotty Ball
Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Spotty Ball

The fun sounds spotty ball helps children to have fun whilst they improve their hand and eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Encourage children to throw, bounce or catch Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Spotty ball to hear fun sounds and phrases from Mr Tumble’s show on the CBeebies TV programme.


Mr Tumbles Textured Spotty Bag

Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag

Young ones will love carrying around their favourite toys inside their very own spotty bag just like Mr Tumble’s.

Inside are also Makaton word / sign cards children can learn and sign along with Mr Tumble on TV.

Textures also help a child to develop an understanding of the world that they live in.

This spotty bag features four textured spots on the front of the bag to offer sensory feedback and stimulate the sense of touch:

  • Red has a satin feel
  • Blue is soft corduroy
  • Orange is fluffy soft
  • Green is bobbly

Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Car 

Image of Mr Tumble's Fun Sounds Musical Car
Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Musical Car

Get an extra dosage of Mr Tumble with Mr Tumble’s fun sounds car – packed full of features including a Mr Tumble figurine.

Open the door and place him in the driving seat. Press the big red nose and music buttons for lights and phrases.

Children will have hours of fun watching the lights and listening to songs and familiar sounds from the ‘Something Special’ TV show on CBeebies.

Mr Tumble Toys are Makaton friendly

The Mr Tumble packaging includes Makaton.  Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help children and their families communicate effectively.

It takes away the frustrations, barriers and blocks that comes with not being able to interact with the world around us.

Makaton is certainly flexible and can be adapted easily to the user’s abilities. Mr Tumble encourages children to speak and sign using Makaton on his TV show.

Introducing Twirlywoos toys

Twirlywoos toys are new additions to Excitim’s toy catalogue

Image of a girl holding a Twirlywoos Toy from the 'Twirlywoos' series on CBeebies TV
Twirlywoos Toys

You heard it here first– we’re now stocking Twirlywoos toys which are perfect special needs toys!

Twirlywoos is a top rated preschool comedy TV series on CBeebies that features the antics of four, fruit-tea loving bird-like friends.

Combining stop frame animation and live action sequences set in the real world. The TV series uses fun and laughter to encourage children to think for themselves and gain confidence in their perception of the world.

Twirlywoos from an adult’s perspective may look like a bit of silly fun designed to keep the children occupied but there’s actually a lot of thought and planning that goes into each episode. Professor Cathy Nutbrown, an early years educational expert and Head of the School of Education at the University of Sheffield is the brains behind the learning opportunities that Twirlywoos provides.

The idea behind Twirlywoos

Every child has their own way of thinking  – watching how a child plays can provide clues into how a child problem solves, understands the world around them and interacts. And Twirlywoos has been created with this in mind using:

  • Sound & movement
  • Cause & effect
  • Social & emotional
  • Spatial relations
  • Observation & experiment
  • Creative thinking skills

Have fun with the Twirlywoos toy collection!

Twirlywoos Talking Toodloo, GreatBigHoo, Chickedy and Chick

Toodloo is like the the mother and GreatBigHoo the father of the young Twirlywoos Chick and Chickedy. In each Twirlywoos story they all go on adventures in their big red boat (available shortly) with friends, Peekaboo and others.

With 6 Toodloo sounds each, these fun and lovable toys make a great friend to explore Twirlywoos adventures with.

We certainly can’t forget Twirlywoos Talking Chick and Chickedy, always learning and making everyone laugh with their curiosity.

Image of the Twirlywoos Toodloo, GreatBigHoo, Chickedy and Chick
The Twirlywoos, Toodloo, GreatBigHoo, Chickedy and Chick

Each soft toy, comes with signature sounds just press their chest and listen!

Run-along Twirlywoos

Image of the Run-along Twirlywoos toys from the CBeebies TV series 'Twirlywoos'
Run-along Twirlywoos

Now children can run along with their Twirlywoo friends.

Press their hands and watch them come to life with sounds and movement. This interactive toy will allow your child to have hours of fun!

Go on an adventure with the Twirlywoos – choose from GreatBigHoo, Toodloo, Chick or Chickedy.

Choose your child’s favourite Run-along Twirlywoos toy or why not collect the whole family?

Twirlywoos Dance-along Musical Peekaboo

Image of Dancing Peekaboo toy from the CBeebies TV show 'Twirlywoos'
Dancing Peekaboo

Join Dancing Peekaboo, a cheeky friend of the Twirlywoos.

Little ones can press a switch to make him dance and spin, all whilst he makes funny noises and plays the CBeebies Twirlwoos theme tune.

Watch the video of Dancing Peekaboo on the website.

All toys above are child friendly, supplied with batteries and are easy to clean with a wipe of a damp sponge.

To see the full Twirlywoos collection visit here.

Switch adapted train set

This is the fourth switch adapted train set we have added to the catalogue – we just like trains.

Switch adapted train set based on Marklin My World Eurostar high speed locomotive
Switch adapted train – Eurostar locomotive

This time it’s based around the ‘Marklin My World’ Eurostar, German ICE and French TGV high speed locomotives. The track set is a large figure of eight layout that sits on the top of a play mat.

Each set has a red handset controller that makes the train go forward or in reverse at three speed settings. It controls other functions such as sounds and lights as well as the emergency stop!

Switch accessible controller for Marklin My World train sets
Switch accessible controller

The handset is good but we though it likely the buttons on the controller may be too small for some children and with this in mind we set about building a switch accessible control box for switch users.

It’s easy to use: connect a single switch – any 3.5mm switch will be fine – to the control box and away you go. Connecting the switch turns on the battery power to the control box and the first switch press makes the locomotive go forwards. It continues until the switch is pressed again: that makes it stop.

The track sits comfortably on the play mat and the town and country scenes add interest and the possibility for imaginative play with improvised bridges, tunnels, houses, farm animals, trees etc.

Railroad play mat

Having two controllers in the box means a switch user and a sibling, friend or even a dad will be able to play together with this switch adapted train set. That must be good. Watch this short video to get a better idea of how it works and visit the webpage for more information.

These are the links to the German ICE and French TGV high speed locomotives on the website.

What do you think: is this the best ever switch adapted train set you have found on the web? Get in touch via our contact us page if you have any questions.