Every day zillions of pictures are shared with family and friends on Facebook and other social media sites. If, as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” then there’s an amazing amount of talking going on. But what if you can’t use a regular camera because of a condition? We thought it would be great to have a switch accessible camera for switch users.

This is how we went about doing one. What we wanted was a switch accessible camera that took care of the “technical stuff” and let the user enjoy the fun part of “snapping away”.

A few months ago we left our prototype with Nadine at QED to check out and very kindly she gave us a list of suggestions to think about. All good stuff. We passed it over to Paul and asked him to figure it out. A week or so later he showed us a very neat implementation. (I didn’t know at the time but he’s a keen photographer so this project was really up-his-street.)

Nadine thought it was brill! Paul’s design was a switch accessible camera that is more innovative compared to, we think, all the alternatives presently available. He designed a switch-box that connects into the USB socket on a Canon camera.  We selected the Canon Powershot A480 because it has a good technical spec but it’s still a budget priced camera.

Switch accessible camera with switch and switch-box interface
Switch accessible digital camera

The beauty of connecting through the USB socket is obvious when you think about it; we have no need to drill a hole into the camera body to wire-in the normal switch socket lead. That means the original Canon camera guarantee is still valid.

It’s really simple to use: a single switch press focuses the camera, charges and fires the flash, if needed, to capture that “special moment”.

Read about the switch accessible camera on the website.

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