Gifts for Seb is a blog post by Kara Melissa from Toronto and it’s definitely worth reading. Kara’s post is about her search for Christmas gifts suitable for her son, Seb, who has a cerebral palsy condition.

The full title of her post is ‘Gifts for Seb. And kiddos like him’. In it Kara lists toys Seb has enjoyed and, to use her description, toys that ‘continue to deliver’.

Rally Racer switch adapted racing cars as featured in blog post 'Gifts for Seb. And Kiddos like him'
Rally Racer switch adapted toy featured in ‘Gifts for Seb’

I find her concept of ‘toys that continue to deliver’ really interesting and it’s something I’ll be looking to appreciate more as we add new toys to our Special-Needs-Toys website.

‘Gifts for Seb. And Kiddos like him’ lists some toys I’ve not seen before but ones I’ll be keeping an eye open for when we visit the toys fairs in January. Perhaps more children would benefit from Kara’s research.

This Christmas Kara has purchased one of our Rally Racer switch adapted toys for Seb. Rally Racer is a two person toy. Seb will plug his switch into the adapted controller (on the left side in the picture) and he’ll be ready to race his car around the track against his sister, mum, dad or friends. I wonder who will be the champion racer?

I’m also looking forward to reading Kara’s review of Rally Racer and hearing what Seb thinks of it; fingers crossed it’ll be positive and also ‘continue to deliver value’.

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