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Switch accessible camera user testimonial

Switch Accessible Camera with switch and switch-box
Switch Accessible Camera with switch and switch-box

It’s always good to hear customer feedback on the various things we do. But I was especially pleased to get an email from Annette in Canada. She first got in touch in November asking about a switch accessible camera. She wanted one for her son, Nicoloas, for Christmas but had had difficulty in finding something suitable.

Fortunately we were able to help out.

Via email we talked about the switch accessible digital camera based on the Canon PowerShot and the switch accessible camera switch-box we had built for it. Annette went shopping and bought the camera locally. All we needed to do was send her the switch-box, software and set-up instructions. FedEx collected it from Excitim HQ here in the UK and delivered it to her in Canada four days later.

And, this is the mail I received yesterday.

Subject: Digital Camera for Christmas

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year, I just wanted to let you know that our son Nicholas loves his camera and he is having a great time taking photos.  It will be much better when the weather gets better and he is able to go outside.  He was so excited Christmas morning when he seen the camera and he was able to take the photos.  I will keep checking your website on new equipment.  He has a birthday coming up in the summer and I will probably buy something that he can actually use on his own.  Take care Thanks Annette

I love it when a plan comes together …. who said that?

Good Toy Guide 2009/10 Focus Group Report

Good Toy Guide - Overall Winner Award in Inclusive Play
Good Toy Guide – Overall Winner Award in Inclusive Play

We are please to announce our switch adapted toys have been awarded the OVERALL WINNERS for INCLUSIVE PLAY in the Good Toy Guide 2009/10.

Arnold the Snoring Pig and Talking, Singing and Dancing switch adapted toys.

The toys were tested by 40 children from 8 months to 11 years old with a wide range of different needs, these needs included children with cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, some with hearing aids and some with cochlear implants and children with brain injury.

These are the comments we received from focus group evaluations co-cordinated by Carole Burton, Editor, Good Toy Guide, at the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries.


All of these products were felt to be excellent! Perfect for children with additional needs especially when the switch plug was attached, this made it easy for children to ‘turn’ the toy on no matter their ability.

Mongo’s hand clapping encouraged the children to clap hands and many of the children enjoyed singing along with him. He was particularly useful to use with children who have just be fitted with a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. He was used in a vowel recognition game – ‘oo’ is the monkey vowel and the children were delighted to have Mongo as the symbol. A deputy head of a P.S.L.D school felt that she would buy and use this switch toy with music as it was invaluable in a 1 to 1 situation with children with a severe learning disability.

A recommended modification for Mongo is to change his name to Mongo the Monkey.

Cowley the Cow great toy that encouraged the children to make the animal sounds as they sang along with or listened to Cowley. Encouraged the children to move along to the singing cow with flapping ears!

The Nurserytime Bear was used as a therapeutic resource – a fun play item and a bedtime routine toy – very versatile. It was excellent for encouraging fine and gross motor skills, particularly reaching and stretching out to switch, and also encouraging a functional touch/grasp. Good introduction to cause and effect skills, speaking and listening, observation and concentration. It was felt to be a very sensory toy, useful for calming and relaxing the sensory system as it is a soft cuddly toy with a ‘twinkly’ sound to the bears voice.

Arnold the Snoring Pig switch adapted toy featured in the Good Toy Guide
Arnold the Snoring Pig switch adapted toy featured in the Good Toy Guide

Arnold the Snoring Pig is very huggable and the children found the snoring very entertaining. Arnold appealed more to the older children/young people with additional needs. Mainstream children enjoyed him as well, but tended to lose interest quicker. But he did make everyone laugh adults and children alike!

All of these toys were felt to be excellent for encouraging therapeutic goals for the children. They were felt to have good movements and pleasant sounds. Good materials – soft and cuddly, but a little difficult to clean. A storage bag would be a great and useful addition. It was good that they could be used with or without the switch lead, but the switch lead is a very useful and welcome addition.


Watch the video of young children at KoolKidz Nursery playing with these and other switch adapted toys.